South Sydney Season 2024 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership                  (RG)NSW Cup          (U21)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U19)SG Ball Cup         (U17)Harold Matts Cup
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Redf L  4-24       Cronulla   Redf W 28-8  
                                                                                          Trial Gold Coast Prkr L  8-12       Gold Coast Prkr D  8-8  
                                                                                          Trial Penrith    Prkr D 12-12       Penrith    Prkr W 16-12 
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Masc W 32-20       Balmain    Masc W 28-8  

                              Trial Norths     HilG W 28-16                               Rd01  Illawarra  Coll L 12-26       Illawarra  Coll W 52-6  
Trial Manly      Gosf L  6-68                                                             Rd02  Penrith    Wind L 10-28       Penrith    Wind L 20-30 
Pre01 St Geo-Ill Koga W 28-6                                Trial Manly      Redf W 26-0  Rd03  Manly      Redf W 26-22       Manly      Redf L  6-24 
Pre02 Syd Rstrs  Belm L 10-46                               Trial Wests-Tig  Leic L 16-20 Rd04  Warriors   Redf L 14-44       Warriors   Redf L 17-22 
                                                                                          Rd05  Cronulla   Ende L 14-52       Cronulla   Ende L 14-28 
Rd01  Manly      LVgs L 24-36       Blacktown  Brok L 20-24       Manly      Brok W 16-14 Rd06  Norths     Redf W 38-6        Norths     Redf W 38-16 
Rd02  Brisbane   LngS L 18-28       BYE                           Fiji Slkts Suva W 20-14 Rd07  Wests      Kirk W 42-6        Wests      Kirk L 14-26 
Rd03  Syd Rstrs  SFS2 L  6-48       Syd Rstrs  SFS2 W 28-12       Syd Rstrs  Went L  4-30 Rd08  Newcastle  Cess L 18-34       BYE 
Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 20-16       Canterbury StAu L 20-22       Canterbury Redf L 12-30 Rd09  Canberra   Redf W 40-18       Canberra   Seif W 32-22 
Rd05  Warriors   StAu L  4-34       Warriors   StAu W 26-20       Warriors   Ersk   Pspnd 
Rd06  Cronulla   StAu L 22-34       Newtown    StAu W 24-12       Cronulla   Ersk D 20-20 
Rd07  BYE                           BYE                           Fiji Slkts Ersk W 22-14 
Rd08  Melbourne  MRSt L 20-54       Newcastle  NwCE L 12-34       Newcastle  NwCE W 20-14 
Rd09  Penrith    StAu               Penrith    StAu               Penrith    Redf         

            W-NSW Premiership         (W-U19)Tasha Gale Cup        (W-U17)Lisa Fiaola Cup
                              Trial Newcastle  Narb        
                              Trial Cronulla   Redf L 16-24       Cronulla   Redf W 20-16
                              Trial Penrith    Prkr W 28-16       Penrith    Prkr W 12-4 
                              Trial Canterbury Masc L  4-24       Canterbury Masc L  8-40

                              Rd01  Illawarra  Coll L 12-30       Illawarra  Coll L 12-14
                              Rd02  Penrith    Gosf L  4-32       Penrith    Wind L  8-14
                              Rd03  Manly      Masc L  6-52       Manly      Masc W 28-0 
                              Rd04  Canterbury Redf L 12-32       Canterbury Redf L  0-58
                              Rd05  Cronulla   Ende L 12-36       Cronulla   Ende L  6-26
                              Rd06  Norths     Redf W 22-8        Norths     Redf D 12-12
                              Rd07  BYE                           BYE
                              Rd08  Wests-Tig  Kirk L  8-26       Wests-Tig  Kirk L  0-38
                              Rd09  Canberra   Seif L  6-60       C Coast    Kanw L  0-44

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Arrow Signs for 2021-24
Murray 2022-25 Contract Extension
Graham 2022-24 Contract Extension
Tatola 2022-24 Contract Extension
Ilias, Mamouzelos, Moale & Karapini Contract Extensions
Duncan and Fletcher sign for 2022-25
Alex Johnston 2023-25 Contract Extension
Koloamatangi 2024 Contract Extension
MG Motor 5 year Major Sponsorship
Channel 9 FTA Broadcast 2023-27 Contract Extension
Suluka-Fifita Returns for Season 2023-25
Munro, Macey, Wright, Heslin and Herring Contract Extensions
Gray, Mellars and Le Blanc Sign for 2023-24
Moale 2024-25 Contract Extension
Milne, Tass, Thompson and Lovett 2023-24 Contract Extensions
Ilias 2024-25 Contract Extension
MenuLog Rabbitohs 2023-25 Upper Back Jersey Sponsorship Extension
Shaq Mitchell 2023-24 Contract Extension
Damien Cook 2024-25 Contract Extension
Latrell Mitchell 2024-27 and Walker 2024-25 Contract Extensions
Havili 2024-25 Contract Extension
Burgess 2024 Contract Extension
Host 2024-25 Contract Extension
Wighton signs for 2024-27
France withdraws from RLWC2025
Graham 2025-27 Contract Extension
Tatola 2025-28 Contract Extension
IRL Announces New Look 2026 RLWC
IRL Announces International Calender to 2030
Murray 2026-28 Contract Extension

September 2023

QRL Realign Pathway for 2024 - U21s Removed
South Sydney 2024 Junior Summer Squads
Hawkins and Chee-Kam 2024 Contract Extensions

October 2023

Wotif 2025 Sponsorship Extension
Demetriou & Hornby 2025 Coach Extensions
2024 South Sydney Coaching Restructure
South Sydney 2024 Tarsh Gale Squad
IRL Announces World Series Qualifiers
Keebra Park 2024-26 Rabbitohs Affiliation
Koloamatangi 2025-26 Contract Extension
Townsville Blackhawks 2024-25 Rabbitohs Affiliation
Keppie signs for 2024-26
Arrow 2025-27 Contract Extension

November 2023

Ingenia Holiday Parks 2024-26 Sleeve Jersey Sponsorship Extension
2024 South Sydney Senior Squads
Rabbitohs award Keebra Park First Scholarships

December 2023

Aqualand 2024-26 Lower Back Jersey Sponsorship Extension

January 2024

NRL 2024 Rule Adjustment - Contested Restarts
NRL Introduces Spectator Code of Conduct
Mamouzelos 2025-27 Contract Extension

February 2024

South Sydney Member Co. 18th Annual General Meeting
Henry Johnston Added to Premiership First Grade Players

March 2024

Suluka-Fifita Released Immediately
IRL Argentina granted Observer Membership
IRL Member Reclassifications
NRLW 2 team Expansion for 2025

April 2024

First Ever Long-Form CBA signed by NRL and RLPA for 2023-27
Jye Gray 2025-26 Contract Extension
Furner Joins as Rabbitohs Defensive Assistant Coach

Vale 2024

Bampton, Darrell
Hill, Terry
Taylor, Ron