South Sydney Season 2024 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership                  (RG)NSW Cup          (U21)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U19)SG Ball Cup         (U17)Harold Matts Cup
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Redf L  4-24       Cronulla   Redf W 28-8  
                                                                                          Trial Gold Coast Prkr L  8-12       Gold Coast Prkr D  8-8  
                                                                                          Trial Penrith    Prkr D 12-12       Penrith    Prkr W 16-12 
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Masc W 32-20       Balmain    Masc W 28-8  

                              Trial Norths     HilG W 28-16                               Rd01  Illawarra  Coll L 12-26       Illawarra  Coll W 52-6  
Trial Manly      Gosf L  6-68                                                             Rd02  Penrith    Wind L 10-28       Penrith    Wind L 20-30 
Pre01 St Geo-Ill Koga W 28-6                                Trial Manly      Redf W 26-0  Rd03  Manly      Redf W 26-22       Manly      Redf L  6-24 
Pre02 Syd Rstrs  Belm L 10-46                               Trial Wests-Tig  Leic L 16-20 Rd04  Warriors   Redf L 14-44       Warriors   Redf L 17-22 
                                                                                          Rd05  Cronulla   Ende L 14-52       Cronulla   Ende L 14-28 
Rd01  Manly      LVgs L 24-36       Blacktown  Brok L 20-24       Manly      Brok W 16-14 Rd06  Norths     Redf W 38-6        Norths     Redf W 38-16 
Rd02  Brisbane   LngS L 18-28       BYE                           Fiji Slkts Suva W 20-14 Rd07  Wests      Kirk W 42-6        Wests      Kirk L 14-26 
Rd03  Syd Rstrs  SFS2 L  6-48       Syd Rstrs  SFS2 W 28-12       Syd Rstrs  Went L  4-30 Rd08  Newcastle  Cess L 18-34       BYE 
Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 20-16       Canterbury StAu L 20-22       Canterbury Redf L 12-30 Rd09  Canberra   Redf W 40-18       Canberra   Seif W 32-22 
Rd05  Warriors   StAu L  4-34       Warriors   StAu W 26-20       Warriors   Ersk   Pspnd 
Rd06  Cronulla   StAu L 22-34       Newtown    StAu W 24-12       Cronulla   Ersk D 20-20 
Rd07  BYE                           BYE                           Fiji Slkts Ersk W 22-14 
Rd08  Melbourne  MRSt L 20-54       Newcastle  NwCE L 12-34       Newcastle  NwCE W 20-14 
Rd09  Penrith    StAu L 12-42       Penrith    StAu L 10-30       Penrith    Wind L 12-32 
Rd10  St Geo-Ill Koga L 14-28       St Geo-Ill Koga L  6-26       St Geo-Ill Koga W 18-16 
Rd11  Nth Qld    LngS L 22-28       Norths     NSO  L 20-30 Rd05  Warriors   Ersk W 20-10 
Rd12  Parramatta StAu W 42-26       Parramatta StAu L 24-32 Rd11  Parramatta Ersk L  8-26 
Rd13  BYE                           Wests      Redf W 30-8  Rd12  Wests-Tig  Redf L  0-52 
Rd14  Gold Coast Robi W 46-12       Canterbury StAu L  4-46 Rd13  Canterbury Belm L 14-38 
Rd15  Brisbane   StAu W 22-12       Canberra   Redf D 18-18 Rd14  Canberra   Belc L 18-30 
Rd16  Manly      StAu W 14-0        Blacktown  StAu L 20-42 Rd15  Manly      StAu L  6-34 
Rd17  BYE                           St Geo-Ill Redf L 18-32 Rd16  St Geo-Ill Redf W 20-18 
Rd18  Parramatta WSS  W 32-16       Parramatta WSS  L 16-20 Rd17  Parramatta Klyv L  0-46 
Rd19  Dolphin    Redc L 28-36       Norths     Coog L 20-22 Rd18  Melbourne  Coog L 14-22 
Rd20  Wests-Tig  Gosf               Syd Rstrs  Gosf         Rd19  Syd Rstrs  Redf         

            W-NSW Premiership         (W-U19)Tasha Gale Cup        (W-U17)Lisa Fiaola Cup
                              Trial Newcastle  Narb        
                              Trial Cronulla   Redf L 16-24       Cronulla   Redf W 20-16
                              Trial Penrith    Prkr W 28-16       Penrith    Prkr W 12-4 
                              Trial Canterbury Masc L  4-24       Canterbury Masc L  8-40

                              Rd01  Illawarra  Coll L 12-30       Illawarra  Coll L 12-14
                              Rd02  Penrith    Gosf L  4-32       Penrith    Wind L  8-14
                              Rd03  Manly      Masc L  6-52       Manly      Masc W 28-0 
                              Rd04  Canterbury Redf L 12-32       Canterbury Redf L  0-58
                              Rd05  Cronulla   Ende L 12-36       Cronulla   Ende L  6-26
                              Rd06  Norths     Redf W 22-8        Norths     Redf D 12-12
                              Rd07  BYE                           BYE
                              Rd08  Wests-Tig  Kirk L  8-26       Wests-Tig  Kirk L  0-38
                              Rd09  Canberra   Seif L  6-60       C Coast    Kanw L  0-44
Trial Manly      Narb   Abndd
Trial Wests-Tig  Lidc L  4-40
Rd01  C Coast    Redf W 22-10
Rd02  Canterbury HmCE L  8-30
Rd03  Wests-Tig  Redf        

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Arrow Signs for 2021-24
Murray 2022-25 Contract Extension
Graham 2022-24 Contract Extension
Tatola 2022-24 Contract Extension
Ilias, Mamouzelos, Moale & Karapini Contract Extensions
Duncan and Fletcher sign for 2022-25
Alex Johnston 2023-25 Contract Extension
Koloamatangi 2024 Contract Extension
MG Motor 5 year Major Sponsorship
Channel 9 FTA Broadcast 2023-27 Contract Extension
Suluka-Fifita Returns for Season 2023-25
Munro, Macey, Wright, Heslin and Herring Contract Extensions
Gray, Mellars and Le Blanc Sign for 2023-24
Moale 2024-25 Contract Extension
Milne, Tass, Thompson and Lovett 2023-24 Contract Extensions
Ilias 2024-25 Contract Extension
MenuLog Rabbitohs 2023-25 Upper Back Jersey Sponsorship Extension
Shaq Mitchell 2023-24 Contract Extension
Damien Cook 2024-25 Contract Extension
Latrell Mitchell 2024-27 and Walker 2024-25 Contract Extensions
Havili 2024-25 Contract Extension
Burgess 2024 Contract Extension
Host 2024-25 Contract Extension
Wighton signs for 2024-27
France withdraws from RLWC2025
Graham 2025-27 Contract Extension
Tatola 2025-28 Contract Extension
IRL Announces New Look 2026 RLWC
IRL Announces International Calender to 2030
Murray 2026-28 Contract Extension

September 2023

QRL Realign Pathway for 2024 - U21s Removed
South Sydney 2024 Junior Summer Squads
Hawkins and Chee-Kam 2024 Contract Extensions

October 2023

Wotif 2025 Sponsorship Extension
Demetriou & Hornby 2025 Coach Extensions
2024 South Sydney Coaching Restructure
South Sydney 2024 Tarsh Gale Squad
IRL Announces World Series Qualifiers
Keebra Park 2024-26 Rabbitohs Affiliation
Koloamatangi 2025-26 Contract Extension
Townsville Blackhawks 2024-25 Rabbitohs Affiliation
Keppie signs for 2024-26
Arrow 2025-27 Contract Extension

November 2023

Ingenia Holiday Parks 2024-26 Sleeve Jersey Sponsorship Extension
2024 South Sydney Senior Squads
Rabbitohs award Keebra Park First Scholarships

December 2023

Aqualand 2024-26 Lower Back Jersey Sponsorship Extension

January 2024

NRL 2024 Rule Adjustment - Contested Restarts
NRL Introduces Spectator Code of Conduct
Mamouzelos 2025-27 Contract Extension

February 2024

South Sydney Member Co. 18th Annual General Meeting
Henry Johnston Added to Premiership First Grade Players

March 2024

Suluka-Fifita Released Immediately
IRL Argentina granted Observer Membership
IRL Member Reclassifications
NRLW 2 team Expansion for 2025

April 2024

First Ever Long-Form CBA signed by NRL and RLPA for 2023-27
Jye Gray 2025-26 Contract Extension
Furner Joins as Rabbitohs Defensive Assistant Coach
Demetriou Coaching Contract Terminated Immediately

May 2024

Shibasaki called into 2024 NRL Squad
Dodd signs for 2025-27
Bennett signs as Rabbitohs Head Coach for 2025-27

June 2024

Murray and Latrell Mitchell New South Wales SOO II Selections
Damien Cook Released Released at end of 2024
Myers signs for remainder of 2024 amd 2025

July 2024

Humphreys signs for 2025-26

Vale 2024

Bampton, Darrell
Finegan, Brian (Souths Juniors)
Hill, Terry
Taylor, Ron