South Sydney Season 2021 Results

  (FG)NRL Telstra Premiership                   (RG)NSW Cup         (U21)Jersey Flegg Cup              (U19)SG Ball Cup   (U17)Harold Matts Cup             W-NSW Premiership
                                                                                          Trial Cronulla   Masc W 16-12 Cronulla   Masc L 12-16 
                                                                                          Trial C Coast    Ersk W 24-4  C Coast    Ersk L 16-24 
                                                                                          Trial Balmain    Masc L  4-44 Balmain    Masc L 18-24 
                                                                                          Rd01  Penrith    Penr W 32-20 Penrith    Penr L  4-28 
                                                                                          Rd02  Manly      Redf D 22-22 Manly      Redf L 12-30 Trial Mt Prtchrd Aubr L  0-16
Trial Group 20   Grif W 58-0                                      Syd Rstrs  Masc L  8-24 Rd03  St George  Masc W 38-6  St George  Masc L 12-34 
ChSh  St Geo-Ill Mudg W 48-16 Trial St Geo-Ill Figt L 20-24       Wests-Tig  Leic L 18-34 Rd04  Newcastle  Redf W 26-20 Newcastle  Redf L  4-26 
                                                                                          Rd05  Norths     Redf W 62-6  Norths     Redf W 32-14 Trial C Coast    Kanw   Cncld
Rd01  Melbourne  MRSt L 18-26 Rd01  Penrith    Penr L 26-36       Penrith    Penr L 16-24 Rd06  BYE                     BYE                     Rd01  Cronulla   Ende L  6-54
Rd02  Manly      Brok W 26-12 Rd02  Blacktown  Brok   Pspnd       Manly      Brok   Pspnd Rd07  Canterbury Belm   Pspnd Canterbury Belm   Pspnd Rd02  BYE
Rd03  Syd Rstrs  StAu W 26-16 Rd03  Norths     StAu L 12-30       Syd Rstrs  Redf W 30-16 Rd08  Victoria   Redf W 50-20 C Coast    Redf L  6-54 Rd03  Norths     Redf L 18-24
Rd04  Canterbury StAu W 38-0  Rd04  Mt Prtchrd Aubr W 24-22       Canterbury StAu W 25-24 Rd09  Balmain    Leic L 20-36 Balmain    Leic L 18-28 Rd04  Mt Prtchrd Aubr L 10-34
Rd05  Brisbane   StAu W 35-6  Rd05  BYE                           BYE                     Rd07  Canterbury Belm W 28-18 Canterbury Belm L  0-44 Rd05  Helnsburgh HmCE L  6-10
Rd06  Wests-Tig  StAu W 18-14 Rd06  Wests      StAu L 18-42       Wests-Tig  StAu L 24-28 MPSF  Illawarra  SMry L 14-46                         Rd06  BYE
Rd07  Gold Coast Robi W 40-30 Rd07  Parramatta Ring L 20-38       Parramatta Ring L 12-48                                                       Rd07  St Marys   HmCE L  0-16
Rd08  Canberra   Bruc W 34-20 Rd08  Canberra   Belc W 26-22       Cronulla   Ende L 14-30                                                       Rd08  Cronulla   Ende L  0-34
Rd09  Melbourne  StAu L  0-50 Rd09  Blacktown  Redf L 18-20       Manly      Redf W 30-14                                                       Rd09  C Coast    Redf L  0-38
Rd10  Cronulla   LngS W 32-22 Rd10  BYE                                                                                                         
Rd11  Penrith    Dubb L 12-56 Rd11  Penrith    Dubb L 22-24 Rd10  Penrith    Redf W 42-14                                                       Rd10  Glebe      Redf W 22-20
Rd12  Parramatta StAu W 38-20 Rd12  Parramatta StAu L 12-22 Rd11  Parramatta StAu W 24-18                                                       Rd11  Wests-Tig  WSS  L 18-34
Rd13  BYE                     Rd13  St Geo-Ill Redf L 18-40 Rd12  St Geo-Ill Redf L 16-18                                                       Rd12  Cabramatta Redf W 68-4 
Rd14  Newcastle  StAu W 24-10 Rd14  Newcastle  StAu L 30-44 Rd13  Victoria   StAu   Abndd                                                       Rd13  Wntwrthvll HmCE W 24-10
                                                            Rd02  Manly      StAu L  4-10
Rd15  Brisbane   LngS W 46-0  Rd15  BYE                     Rd14  BYE                                                                           Rd14  Wests-Tig  Lidc W 14-0 
                              Rd02  Blacktown  HLyb   Pspnd
Rd16  Wests-Tig  Leic W 38-22 Rd16  Wests      Leic   Abndd Rd15  Wests-Tig  Leic   Abndd
Rd17  Nth Qld    NISC W 46-18 Rd17  Newtown    Redf   Abndd Rd16  Cronulla   Redf   Abndd
Rd18  Canterbury Robi W 32-24 Rd18  Norths     NSO    Abndd Rd17  Canterbury StAu   Abndd
Rd19  Warriors   SunS W 60-22 Rd19  Newcastle  Newc   Abndd Rd18  Victoria   Melb   Abndd
                              Rd02  Blacktown  HLyb   Abndd
Rd20  St Geo-Ill LngS W 50-14 Rd20  BYE                     
Rd21  Parramatta Robi W 40-12 Rd21  Newtown    Hens   Abndd Rd19  Cronulla   Hens   Abndd
Rd22  Gold Coast Robi W 36-6 
Rd23  Penrith    LngS L 12-25
Rd24  Syd Rstrs  LngS W 54-12
Rd25  St Geo-Ill SunS W 20-16

MPSF  Penrith    NQSt W 16-10
mPF   Manly      LngS W 36-16
GF    Penrith    LngS L 12-14


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NRL 2018-22 New FTA Deal
NRL 2018-22 Broadcast Agreement
Reynolds 2018-21 Contract Extension
NRL Clubs 2018-21 Funding Agreement
RLIF 2021 RLWC Qualifiication Process
Rabbitohs Submit Heffron Final Funding Application
Gagai Signs for 2018-21
NRL and RLPA Agree to Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2018-22
2018-22 NSW Government SFS and Stadium Australia Upgrade Program
NRL Launches 2018-22 Strategic Plan
Allan Signs for 2019-21
NSWRL and NSW-CRL to Re-Merge in 2021
Bennett Appointed 2020-21 Head Coach
Graham and Murray 2020-21 Contract Extension
Cook 2020-23 Contract Extension
Aqualand 2019-21 Home Jersey Sponsorship
Tom Burgess 2020-23 Contract Extension
Burns 2020-21 Contract Extension
Hawkins and Koloamatangi 2020-21 Contract Extensions
Tatola and Lowe 2020-21 Contract Extensions
Su'A signs for 2019-21
Josh Cook 2020-21 Contract Extension
Nicholls 2020-21 Contract Extension
Widders Appointed Womens Head Coach for 2020-21
Dargan Signs for 2020-21
Gale 2020-22 Contract Extension
CJ Mundine Signs for 2020-21
Walker 2021-22 Contract Extension
Arrow Signs for 2021-24
GAISF extends International Rugby League observer status for 2 years
Knight 2021-23 Contract Extension
Sele called up into the 2020 squad
Murray 2022-25 Contract Extension
Paulo, Taaffe, Ilias and Mamouzelos Contract Extensions
Jed Cartwright Signs for 2021-23
Sele 2021-23 Contract Extension
Graham 2022-24 Contract Extension
Johnston 2021-22 Contract Extension
Rabbitohs 2021 Junior Reps Coaching Structure
Marsters 2021 Contract Extensions
NSWRL 2021 One State Strategic Plan - Junior Reps Age Changes

Oct 2020

Rabbitohs remain at ANZ Stadium for 2021 and 2022
QRL 2021 Pathway Changes - Junior Reps Age Changes
Host and Milne sign for 2021-23
2021 Rabbitohs Junior Squads

Nov 2020

Menulog Rabbitohs 2021-23 Upper Rear Shoulders Sponsor
Koloamatangi 2021-23 Contract Extension
IRL - Nigeria and Ghana Rugby League awarded Affiliate Membership

Dec 2020

Moga signs for 2021
2021 NRL Rule Changes - 2 point 40m+ fieldgoals
2021 COVID-19 Sydney Outbreak - Greater Sydney Lockdown

Jan 2021

Corey Allan released
Mansour signs for 2021-22
Steve Antionelli Appointed 2021 NSW Cup Coach
2021-22 RLPA Agrees to Reduce NRL Player Payments by 6%
IRL to Recognise 1600 Internationals
Marshall signs for 2021
2021 ARLC Constitution Changes
2021 COVID-19 Sydney Outbreak - Queensland Borders Re-Open

Feb 2021

Mitchell, Walker and Johnston Indigenous All-Star Selections
Marshall NZ Maori All-Star Selection
Donovan and Barker Women's Indigenous All-Star Selections
Tatola 2022-24 Contract Extension
Cameron & Morocco awarded IRL Affiliate Memberships
Phillipines awarded IRL Observer Membership
Charity Shield Confirmed for Mudgee in 2022-23
Mitchell 2022-23 Contract Extension
2021 COVID-19 Sydney Outbreak - NSW 75% Stadium Capacity

Mar 2021

South Sydney Member Co. 15th Annual General Meeting
2021 COVID-19 Sydney Outbreak - NSW 100% Stadium Capacity
2021 COVID-19 Brisbane Outbreak - Broncos Relocated
2021 COVID-19 Brisbane Outbreak - Level 2 Protocols Activated
2021 COVID-19 Brisbane Outbreak - Round 4 Games Relocated
2021 NRL Medical Restructure

Apr 2021

2021 COVID-19 Brisbane Outbreak - Australian Schools Championship Cancelled
2021 NRL Introduces 18th Man
Heffron Centre Plans Approved
2021 COVID-19 Brisbane Outbreak - Restrictions End

May 2021

2021 COVID-19 Sydney Moore Park Outbreak - NRL Returns to Level 3 Protocols in Sydney
2021 NRL Introduces Head Contact Sin Bin
APRLC Cancels Mid-Season Internationals
2021 COVID-19 Melbourne Outbreak - Melbourne Storm Remain in Camp on the Sunshine Coast
2021 COVID-19 Melbourne Outbreak - SOO I Relocated to Townsville
Mitchell, Cook, Murray and Graham New South Wales SOO I Selections
Arrow, Gagai and Su'A New South Wales SOO I Selections
Koloamatangi called into New South Wales SOO I Camp

Jun 2021

Ilias, Taaffe, Mamouzelos, Moale, Kalo Kalo & Karapini Contract Extensions
NRL Womens Premiership Expands to 6 teams
Duncan and Fletcher sign for 2022-25
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Melbourne Outbreak - Melbourne Lockdown ends
Mitchell, Cook, Murray and Graham New South Wales SOO II Selections
Gagai and Arrow Queensland SOO II Selections
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - Queensland Closes Border to Greater Sydney
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - NRL Returns to Level 4 Protocols
NSWRL Suspends Rounds 16 and 17 Pathways Matches
IRL - Japan and Montengro awarded Observer Memberships

July 2021

Mitchell, Cook and Murray New South Wales SOO III Selections
Gagai and Arrow Queensland SOO III Selections
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - NRL Relocates SOO III to Newcastle
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - NRL Relocates SOO III to Gold Coast
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - NRL Relocates 12 Clubs to SE Queensland
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - Victoria Close Borders to NSW and ACT
Rabbitohs 2022 Coaching Structure
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Melbourne Outbreak - NRL Relocates Storm to SE Queensland
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Melbourne Outbreak - Queensland closes border to Victoria
ARLC and NZRL withdraw from RLWC2021
Milford Signs for 2022
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Brisbane Outbreak - SE Queensland Snap Lockdown

August 2021

IRL - RLWC2021 Moved to 2022
Stadium Australia's New Southern Screen
NSWRL Cancels Major Competitions
Bijorac, Lovett and Munro 2022 Contract Extensions
Te Hau and Rahme Sign for 2022
IRL - El Salvador awarded Observer Membership

September 2021

2022 Rabbitohs Pathway Signings
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Sydney Outbreak - Grand Final Relocated to Brisbane
2021 COVID-19 Delta Variant Brisbane Outbreak - Grand Final Reduced Capacity to 75%
2022 Rabbitohs U17 and U19 Pre-Season Squads
Heffron Centre Construction Begins
2021 Walker and Johnston win Dally M awards

October 2021

South Sydney Fans Celebrate Grand Final Apperance
Benji Marshall Retires
2021 South Sydney Player Awards

Mar 2022

South Sydney Member Co. 16th Annual General Meeting

Vale 2021

Hannah, Neville
Potter, Lionel (Trainer)
Furse, Ray (Director & Life Member)
Moylan, Tom

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